Wednesday, June 17, 2015

EASY DIY Tinyhouse Storage: Magnetic organizer

This is so easy to make, Super useful and 'oh so' cute!

I woke up this morning feeling crafty. I have buckets of paint tucked away everywhere, perfect triangles cut out from making stringers for our stairs, tea cup hooks that aren't big enough for our coffee cups and tin can paraphernalia galore. 

I hold myself to a certain set of rules, namely, if I don't use my crafty item collections within three months [and still don't have a plan for them] I must get rid of them.

Well These can tops are too awesome to just throw out! I love the way they look painted and its a great way to add magnetic storage for keeping track of those little notes and phone numbers!

           What you need:

  • Tack nails [3/4 inch or 1/2 inch] one for each can top
  • 10 - 1 inch long screws
  • 2 cut outs from making stringers for stairs [or two right triangles]
  • White semigloss paint [or whatever you have]
  • 1 paint1 brush
  • 1 9 inch peice of 1X10 
  • 1 17 inch peice of 1X10
  • 5 Tea cup hooks
  • 1 1/2 inch paddle bit [if you have 1/2 in in a drill bit that would probably be even easier]

How to make it:

After you build the organizer itself Simply, working from the bottom up going in one direction, use the tack nails to attach tin can tops to the short side of the 1X10.

Use your paddle bit to add as many pen slots as you desire. Paint the Entire thing. allow to dry. 

Pilot [with super small bit] five holes across for self tapping tea cup hooks. Hang your keys. put your favorite magnets on the front and voila!

Isn't that easy?!

And you can do this project however you want. There are so many ways to change this up for what materials you have lying around.

Send me a photo of YOUR DIY Magnetic organizer, i would love to feature it!

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