Wednesday, July 1, 2015

5 Easy Tips to make your Bulk Freezer meals a Success


#2 Clean up as you go, in waves. finish cooking veggies, do a quick scrub and sanitize, finish cooking red meat, scrub and sanitize. Use the same dishes throughout the cook. Cleaning them when they are empty and refilling will literally save you  hours of dishes later.

#4 Multi-Task

Season and cook all breasts at once and the same for legs and wings, while those are in the oven you have time to work on other prep up-top.

#5 Add flavor!
I use 6 chickens a month and make tons of stock from the carcasses. There is no point in storing up stock when my supply is already more than I can handle. So I cook everything in it. My favorite is Pasta cooked in stock, to freeze pasta i cook it until its soft for a layer and then has that uncooked crunch just in the center. Harder than al dente. The layer of chicken fat that stays in the stock keeps the noodles from sticking together, and the chicken flavor is to die for in my Cheesy Baked Penne with red sauce and basil.

I hope you guys are getting some useful tips from these posts. Please share your awesome bulk freezer meal tips below in the comments!