Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Tinyhouses cost MORE per Sq.Ft.

I hear the arguments all the time. Do tinyhouses cost more per sq.ft.? YES. Of course they do!

Imagine you moved into a bedroom that was 100 sq ft, added a kitchen and a bathroom, as well as tons of vertical storage and everything you need to live life comfortably. That bedroom would cost more per square foot than a standard bedroom.

Or look at it this way $10 per tool for three tools, or $25 for a 3in1 tool the same size as one of those tools. Is that tool overpriced based on its size?

No, right? because there is more to the story. That one tool can do everything all three of the $10 tools can do. So it saves money.

It is the same concept for Tinyhouses. They are Compact. They carry more punch per Sq.Ft, and yes they cost more per Sq.Ft.

Here I deleted all the decorative plants and accessories. As you can see, both spaces have the same items present. By compacting them, you remove the less expensive portions of a main house [floor and filler] and are left with only the big money objectives. This is why Tinyhouses cost more per Sq.Ft.