Tuesday, July 14, 2015

6 ways to prepare your Tiny-House for guests

As an adult its harder than it used to be to make friends.  For many adults half our friends live hundreds of miles away, the others may live close but drift in and out of our lives.

So when one comes knocking at the door randomly, wouldn't it be great [if nothing else is going on] to be comfortable inviting them in for Dinner and drinks. To be 'That' house that is ready in an instant to spring into life

You don't want to be clamoring to  put away mess, while a friend is knocking at the door. Trust me, its an awkward way to start your evening.

#1: Pick up after yourself!

Your mom had that rule for a reason, Always maintain a certain level of organization, make it a habit to keep the house tidy. Make sure everything has a place, and keep it there when not in use.

Did you use the scissors? hang them up.  Changed clothes, put the dirty ones away. Its actually pretty easy to keep your house orderly if you get in the routine. I find it easier to clean up as I go than to wait and have a huge mess.

Sure your house might not look perfect, but if its orderly and the mirrors are clean [wipe down your dirty mirror!], nobody will notice.

#2: Dish it!

If you can`t keep extra dishes on hand, you could go the dreaded disposable route, which is still better than not being able to offer everyone there own plate.

Personally my solution is acquiring extra functional dishes. I love Pyrex! I don't usually serve 4 people, but what foodie doesn't need extra dishes to bake in, and if someone happens to show up, I`m prepared. Because these multitask as bake-ware, storage and serving ware they are perfect for anyone's tiny-house.

#3: Have Guest Friendly Food 

If you don't want to have that awkward "We don't have anything to feed you" moment, and you don't wish to spend budgeted funds on a spur of the moment trip to a restaurant, you should be prepared.
You can simply make sure you have a frozen pizza on hand; or make these super easy and inexpensive dishes that can lye dormant in the freezer and be popped in the oven without breaking a sweat.  

For Dessert Store the pre-measured dry ingredients  for my 
One Dish Brownies in a one gallon bag. When guests show up you can easily add the wet ingredients, squish to mix and add to a greased Pyrex bowl. Bake and Voila, you have dessert.

#4: Rest Your Dawgs

Keep fold-able stools such as these $20 gems, they are super compact and make it easy to turn a small space into a warm inviting place for friends to catch up. There is nothing worse than not having a place for your company to sit.

My mom gave these to us over the fourth of July weekend, and I am so excited. We didn't have these when our last guests came over and it was harder to fit the extra lawn chairs into the house. These are game changers.

#5:  Stay Fresh

 Open your windows often to allow set in food smells and other yucks to air out. Have a scented candle or oil burner ready [if you are like me there are tons of recipes for DIY essential oil candles or other natural candles online for purchase]

Make your own air-freshener with 1/3 Vinegar, 15 drops peppermint oil [or essential oil of your choosing] and water. Its super simple and effective. spray on linen, rugs, and in the air.

A fresh spritz in the air can be super uplifting!


Drinks are the easiest way to make hostess of the year. They are inexpensive and the non-virgin ones help loosen everybody up. Best part? You are at home, So you don't need a DD.

It goes without saying that a hearty bottle of Zinfandel would be the life of any party, but what about those friends that don't care for wine?

Make it feel like cocktail hour with fancy ice-cubes:

Slice and Freeze [in ice-cube trays] strawberries with left over ginger-ale or lemon-lime soda [any clear sweet beverage that you have on hand works great]

You can add these to guests lemon-aid [Country time lemonade isn't necessarily a health drink, but can save loads of time and it`s easy to keep on hand]

Or add the cubes to a more mature drink:

Super Simple Margarita, [or Margaritas ugly sister]:

I don`t care to muck up a perfectly good Margarita with Triple sec, I keep mine simple and its pitcher perfect!

Keep a tube of concentrated limeade and fifth of tequila [or vodka].

When your guests pop in uninvited pour the fifth into a pretty clear glass pitcher with the concentrated lime-aid, 30 oz of water and strawberry cubes. You are an instant party miracle worker.

Or keep a few of these jars on hand [be sure to have ice ready]

If you aren't in the mood to serve alcohol, you can easily have flavored ice-tea ready in an instant, with a little before hand preparation.

Easy Lemon Ice-tea: 

Freeze cubes of x2 strength lemonade [enough to fill half your desired pitcher]. 

Place 5 tea bags in your pitcher and fill 1/4 of the way with hot water.
Steep for 5-10 minutes fill to the halfway mark with chilled water and add lemonade-cubes.
Done! Nearly Instant pitcher of Lemon iced-Tea to keep everyone happy.

Do you have ideas for being a great, on the whim, hostess? I`d love to hear them, tell us about them in the comments.

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