Monday, June 15, 2015

Tinyhouse with Storage Stairs and Fold away Table

We spent all weekend doing home improvement [which is weird, because Justin keeps saying we are gonna rest for the weekend, and then we just don`t] When everything is covered in sawdust and nothing is where is should be our weekends become like a 'how to survive on hotdogs and granola bars' tutorial.

We started to build drawers on our stair fronts, but needed to take a break, to let our frustration subside. Drawers are frustrating, especially for two kids still figuring everything out. But our Kitchen table/eating bar/Tinyhousewife office is done, and stained.

We are both a bit disappointed in Rust-Oleum`s gray wash stain. it is more like greasy paint. So that is a bust, but we made the best of it, and sanded the S@#$ out of the table [and managed to remove some of the stain], until we ran out of coarse sand paper. I sealed it with a clear gloss, and now my wine stains can be my little secret.

Today i woke up with the painting bug. I moved everything outside [we have just recently gotten rid of tons more of our stuff so this was actually surprisingly easy]

The cats and their things went upstairs, and so began my battle to keep them out of the paint. I hate when I have to keep them out of stuff, They are too cute [and usually well behaved] to be shouted at. But when its a little shouting over paw prints on the becomes me vs them.

We have big wall finishing plans coming up 'oh so soon', yet oh so far away. So this project helped ease my DIY soul.

We bought a new rug to replace our beat up red rug,  [that rug has had an amazing life, starting as a store display rug, then being clearance for only $18. Now it will be put on craigslist for free. To pass along the good fortune and help someone else out.) We upgraded to a higher pile area rug in a yellow/gold color. It is super soft [the cats love it] and for $60 at Lowes we are satisfied; we really have been needing this face lift.

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