Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DIY Easy [And FREE] T-Shirt Infinity Scarf You can make at home

My Wonderful Man, Justin, fixed my sewing machine! YAY!

I have been so sad without it. This morning I woke up and was so excited to start re-purposing all the dingy useless clothes in my bin.

Justin often stains shirts, via sweat or mysterious stains appearing on the front after we wash. So I inherit all his amazing cotton Ts.

Today I wanted to update my wardrobe with a fun scarf that could easily liven up a dull outfit [and Justin loves turquoise on me, so it`s a win/win]

Step 1: Cut up the side seam of your chosen shirts.

Step 2: Cut around and remove the sleeves

Step 3: Open the shirt up so that you can see one large piece of fabric.

Step 4: Cut a relatively straight line to remove the neck area of your shirts.

Step 5: Cut two strips around the same width from material.

Step 6: Sew 1 piece from each shirt together [making sure to keep all yucky edges on the same side]

Step 7: Sew both long strips together to form one thick strip.

Step 8: Forming a tube, sew another line and turn this right side out.

Step 9: Forming the Infinity scarf. Carefully line the opposite sides of scarf together and sew these together on the inside of the 'tube', until you can no longer sew along the inside. Finish it off with a similar thread color, sewing now on the outside of the scarf, close the 'tube'.

STEP 10? Wear your new accessory!