Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pumpkin seed milk [No cook, very easy, 5 steps]

I have seen many recipes for pumpkin seed milk online, but I couldn't seem to find one using unhulled seeds. I recently scored tons of free pumpkins from a local farm, and I wanted to find some more uses for the seeds [I have many bags of them roasted for snacking] So here is a very simple recipe for pumpkin seed milk, and it works perfect for making almond milk as well.

#1] Fill your blender with pumpkin seeds and cover them with cool water.
#2] Give your blender a good 30 second pulse and allow the seeds to soak.
#3] pulse ever so often over the course of 1-4 hours.
#4] Strain seed pulp through a tea towel or cheese cloth.
#5] place pulp back in blender and cover again with cool water for another repeat of this cycle.

Don't waste the pulp [this applies for almonds as well]. Roast the seed pulp and add to breads, feed to birds, or get your hands dirty and find a use for them yourself! Experiment!