Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to Live in a Tiny House without running water

Part 1:Clothes
When living in a space that is nearly too small to be a walk in closet, you have to rethink everything you own, ALL THE TIME. I pull out my clothing tote every two weeks or so. From there i look at each piece of clothing. Do i still wear this? Is this getting too worn-out? Can i reinvent this item?

After a long life, this once adorable jacket had become haggard and shapeless, Now as shorts has a few summers of life left in it.

I try to keep things simple, and generally stick to bright cheery colors that are always versatile, & easily liven up a pair of skinny jeans.
My basic wardrobe [things i try to always have on hand] consists of my Coldweather Jacket, one pair of flats, winter boots, all season boots, two pairs of quality jeans, one plain long sleeve shirt, two girly dressy shirts, some graphic print tank-tops and t shirts, a cardigan or two. Lastly of course, Comfy jammies, fluffy socks included, to curl up and drink Tea in.

Part 2: Bathing and Beauty
Lets get real about hygiene, If you don't wash, you probably stink. But you don't actually need 10 gallons of water immersing your body to get clean. Back when i lived in a tent on the river bank of Talkeetna Alaska [2009] i learned quite a bit about showering in a bathroom stall, and i perfected my bathroom stall bathing when i lived in a cramped office space in Hollywood California [2010]. To further prepare me for alternative bathing I had the amazing experience of washing [open air] with real rain water that collected in a trash bin, while staying in the Philippines for six months [2012].
Finally here i am [2015] Using my Pirex mixing bowl full of water I hauled from a different location and boiled on my propane converted oven. I put a few drops of essential oil in the bowl for a nice fresh fragrance, my favorite being peppermint for its potency.
I use one bar of soap for everything (Something that reminds me fondly of my dear friend Madam Bombache who formally introduced me to this technique) Dr. Bronners Soap bar is Amazing, I wash from face to toe with it, I lather the chosen fuzzy bits and use it to shave, and i even wash my face with it.
You may have noticed i didn't mention washing my hair...Well pretty much, I Don`t. I do, but i don't. Most of the time i use a dry 'shampoo' concocted of 2 parts cornstarch and one part cocoa powder [Justin says my hair smells like brownies] I store it in a spice container with shaker lid. i just sprinkle a good bit into my hair, making sure to get the powder to my scalp. I tip my head upside down and work it in with my fingers finishing by brushing it out until there is no powdery residue.
Once or twice a month i do rinse my hair and scalp with warm water to ward off any build-up. I`ll admit, i wear a pony tail pretty often, more often then i care to admit. But it isn't because i have greasy hair, i just don't like the strands getting in my face.
My Low Maintenance regimen:
For a full year or so i didn't put anything chemical on my self, and i stay true to this for the most part. The only exception being my nail polish. I broke down, i wanted coral pink nails to fit my mood. So i chose one by Mineral Fusion, its the closest thing i can find to "natural" when it comes to nail polish.
 If my skin is shiny, i`ll pop some cornstarch in my hands, rub it around and evenly coat my face [taking care to brush off any residue] it works great as a 'foundation'.

I use 100%pure`s lip/cheek tint to add a bit of rosy color to my cheeks lips and eyelids.
 Eyes are easy! my eyeliner is a permanent installation, and for mascara i use 100%pure`s product. if i`m craving a more dramatic look, i`ll first add a layer of cornstarch to my eyelashes and then coat them with the mascara, seems to bulk them up a bit.

Its a super basic lifestyle, and i`ve grown to love many parts of it. But I wont lie, when we are done doing construction, and finally have our water storage and plumbing finished, ill be ecstatic to take a normal shower!