Tuesday, May 26, 2015

85 sq ft. Alaskan Tinyhouse

Our first evening was spent drinking wine and sitting in front of a borrowed electric fireplace
The fall before we moved in.

Our first night in the Tiny Love Nest. It was parked in my Moms yard with an extension cord running through the doorknob hole.

Windows Windows Windows! Two opening in the loft for a cross breeze and two opening in the kitchen. 
One wall nearly windowless, reserved for storage.

Our GCI Internet, Connection to the world :)

We officially Moved into the Tinyhouse on June1st 2014. in about a week we will have lived in our Small abode for a full year. From its conception the house has cost about $11,000 out of pocket at this point in time. It is a constant work in progress, and we have tons of plans for this summer! Right now we rent the spot we are parked in, we pay $200 a month, and of course $18 for electric on average. My next projects are building stairs to the loft [to replace our tiny ladder] and prime and paint the house.