Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Before and After: our 85 sq. ft. TinyHouse

After three long days of painting, we are finally shaping up into the cute cottage style that we want. Granted we still have two sides to paint [but they are the easy sides, the back is all one level, and the side has no windows to tape around.]

We used Valspar primer and sealer as our base coat [$95 for 5 gallons, enough for us to use liberally as needed] I am extremely satisfied with the result the primer yielded. Our siding is t1-11, which before priming is fuzzy [but like 'OUCH', not like 'Ooh I cant stop touching it']

For our paint coat we used Valspar Storm, which luckily could be tinted in the color we chose [$109 for 4.8 gallons] If we couldn't get it tinted in Storm, the Valspar Reserve [which is capable of being tinted more colors] Costs almost double! 
Our next Project [besides finishing the paint job on the other two sides] is building the stairs inside. I am super lucky to say my construction savvy father may be joining us from Fairbanks, for a weekend trip, to help out. Thanks Goodness!

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