Monday, June 1, 2015

What you REALY Save money on at Sams Club

What I found for a Bargain at Sams Club, and the price breakdown. As you probably well know, Not everything at Sams Club is a good deal, but these items were a steal.
Pork Loins: 19.22 for 16 chops [8 servings for two] $1.20 per person, that’s a great deal, And so delicious!

Cheese: 5 pounds $12, I usually pay $5 for 1 pound ($25-$12=$13 Savings!)

Large Can Tomatoes, 24  ½ cup servings: $2.96, I usually pay $.69 for a can with 3.5  ½ cup servings, 7 small cans would cost me $4.83 [$4.83-$2.96=$1.86 Savings!] (not to mention uses less packaging materials! So it’s good for our earth) This will make my Budget Red sauce even more of a bargain!

Salted sweet cream Butter: $9.27 for 4 packs of 4. I usually pay about $4 per box of generic butter, that’s a Dollar per cube! It would have cost $16 dollars for a lesser quality butter. Ringing in at just under $0.60 per cube [$16-$9.27=$6.73 Savings!] This is a great value.

3 LBS Bacon: $9.63 for 36 strips of thick cut awesomeness. I divided the large package into 6 smaller bags of 6 slices for easy defrost and use. [3 slices of bacon with 2 eggs and a piece of toast = Saturday morning made easy for only $1.30 per person]

Canned Peaches, 6LBS 9oz: $5.88, divided into 11 - 1 cup baggies [slightly heaping] $0.53 per bag. Which is a decent deal, the Bonus is what I do with the light syrup left over. Justin has an obsession with flavored ice teas, But they are expensive! Here’s my recipe for Amazing Peach Ice-tea, for super cheap!

 [I filled Justin’s 32oz Water bottle and two Empty 12 oz Bottles, Those I will freeze to add in with Justin’s Lunches.] [I only freeze these once, as they are #1 plastic and that’s not great for reuse.]

Justin also enjoys flavored oatmeal, here`s an easy way to spice up boring oats [This is a man sized bowl of oatmeal, if you are a light eater, half the recipe]:

Corn, 106oz: $3.59, I usually spend $0.79 for a 14.5oz. Can of corn. To get the same amount I’d need 7.3 small cans of corn. 7 cans would cost $5.53! [$5.53-$3.59=$1.94 Savings!]

Papaya Pineapple Fruit Salad, 6LBS 9oz: $6.78, Divided into 13 – 1 Cup Baggies, $0.52 cents per bag. We tried this at a hotel breakfast earlier this year and loved the texture and passion fruit flavor [They are stored in passion fruit juice]. Great for packed lunches. I freeze the juice in ice cube trays and store, to later add into mixed drinks.

V8 Organic Orange Carrot juice: $3.91 for 12-12oz bottles. I enjoy these as a treat, they taste just a bit watered down, but for $0.32 cents per bottle I won’t complain. Packed with 260% Vitamin A, 120% Vitamin C, 30% Vitamin E, and 3 grams Dietary Fiber, I love to start my mornings with one of these.

10LBs Pinto Beans: $6.88. I have a hard time navigating Fredmeyers in regards to finding bagged beans [6 months searching during shopping trips and I haven’t found them yet] So is this a good deal for 10 pounds of beans? I honestly couldn’t tell you. I can say that I spend $1 for a can of prepared beans with only 3.5 servings in it. So I will definitely save some mullah!

Strawberry Preserve: $4.28 for 46oz; I Spend about the same for 30oz at Fredmeyers. 16oz for free? Yes please.

Sweet&Salty Nut Bars: $9.18 for 30 of them! Justin Loves these as an easy snack to go. At $0.30 per bar, this is a bargain by definition.

Hotdogs chicken/pork: $9.63 for 40. $0.24 per link, and we each usually eat 2 in a sitting. [$0.96 4 hotdogs, $1.00 4 buns = $1.96 + some mustard and ketchup = Crazy easy weekend lunch] On sale I get the same dogs in packs of 8 for $2.50, it would cost 12.5 for 40 ($12.50-$9.63=$2.87 Savings!)

How do you save money at Sams Club? I`d love to hear your money saving advice!

Ps, Happy one year Anniversary living in our Tiny-House to Justin and myself!