Monday, June 22, 2015

Tinyhouse Garden Growing veggies and herbs

This winter I developed huge plans to garden and harvest enough produce that Justin and I would be set for winter. I had so many germinated plants that I could have made that dream a reality. Unfortunately I underestimated how much dirt and space my garden needed. I think this happens to many gardeners. we know our plants need the space, but we kinda cross our fingers and hope for the best. 

My plans were slightly squelched, as well, do to the sudden need to arrange our relocation of the Tinyhouse. With moving imminent we decided to stay small to keep the move simple. As of yet we are looking at some offers. hoping to visit the spots this week and next weekend. And then in all hopefulness move the house in early august.

Living on other peoples property while building our home and saving for our permanent spot, does feel less concrete than desired. Having a garden helps quench my thirst for being established. A year or two and we will be planning a much larger one!

 We have four healthy broccoli and brocolini plants with florets forming.
 I didn't germinate this peppermint [after failing miserably my mom bought me a small peppermint plant, but i did do some cuttings that are growing wonderfully as well] I cannot wait to have peppermint tea from my own garden!
 Here are 3 beautiful zucchini growing rapidly everyday! Stirfrys are going to be such a treat with these in the mix.
The Tomato plants are starting to show promising signs of fruit as well.

 My overcrowded garden, is definitely evident in this arrangement. I have at least two pea plants dying. and those zucchini are hardly baring fruit. It is my own fault, I need to pull a few plant out and make the grand sacrifice for the greater good of the remaining healthy plants.
It has been a beautiful start to the season, and this is a great spot to regroup for drinks, after Justin gets home from work, and we finish dinner. The Kitties love it too [they have their own catnip plants right there on the porch]!