Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tiny house Kitchen: 30 Day Make-Ahead meals part 1

We are finally getting towards the end of our freeze ahead meal stash that I made may 18th. I continually added to it with 5 ways to use corn which i used as sides as well as an easy way to spice up potatoes and chicken wings. and the awesome deals i got at Sams Club added some more bulk to my freezer.

Like I said, however, we are almost through the bulk of the meals and we are nearly ready for my favorite day, Freeze ahead mania! [Other than doing the Dishes :X]

This month is going to be a super money saver by taking no chances and nailing down every-meal. Justin expressed interest in Eating breakfast so we are embarking on a new frontier.

Planning your meals:

I Start by laying out my notebook with my 4 starches at the top of the page. Than I think about how many meals would be reasonable to have of each starch in a month. 30 days divided by the 4 starches, however seems appropriate for my budget and my family`s taste.

How much of each starch makes a dinner for one? [1.5 Potatoes, 1 cup rice, 1/4 box pasta, 2 Tortillas]
How many people am i feeding with that meal?  [3: Justin, myself, and 20 Leftovers for Justin]

In the past we have bought a $30 turkey, and it really did stretch to make many meals and the stock tasted great. 

But i am going to keep our list simple this month with Chicken as my primary, Pork as my sub-header, and beef as a brief cameo.

Chicken: I get a meal from the legs and thighs, 2 meals from the breasts, one meal of shredded chicken from the stock making process. Tons of stock and rendered chicken fat.

With 5 chickens I get 10 wings, which is perfect for one meal of hot wings or BBQ.

Ground beef: 1 flat of about 1.5 pounds, yeilds 2 meals.

Pork: 16 chops will serve us 8 times.

As it says above, twenty dinners need to be made with a third serving for Justin to bring to work. Chicken works great for leftovers, while whole pork chops and Meat balls will be served on Fridays and Saturdays.

Starches for one months worth of Dinner and Work lunch: $26.00
Protein -  -  - $68.00

[Break down of veggie costs and sauce costs to come Pt.3 when the rest of the menu is planned]

Microsoft word has a super easy basic calender that works great for planning a menu.
To ensure Justin isn't sent to work with a PB&J, I make sure to plan where the meals fall on the calender carefully.

Sundays are the weekend, BUT Monday follows, so Sunday meals need to have leftovers.

I keep the other ingredients simple. Versatile ingredients is the name of the game.
Corn, Carrots, Canned Tomatoes, Garlic, Onions, Frozen peas, celery, basil, Cheese, butter, eggs, bacon [adds great flavor to corn chowder and hearty pork and bean stew] [quantities to come with shopping list]

Stay Tuned. Pt.2: [Preparing the Menu for 20 work breakfasts & 10 weekend lunches] will be posted tomorrow and soon the pricing and shopping list.