Wednesday, July 8, 2015

3 reasons Why You should cut your own Hair

Throwing money out the door on your every two month trim? Tired of leaving the salon with even less direction than before? If you are going for simple layers, bang trims, or split end removal, cutting your own hair might be right for you.

#1Beauticians are A#$h@les.

They have a knack for hair shaming and generally they cut off way more hair than you request.

Also, how many times have you gotten a hair cut and been told by the next person to cut it that the previous person did it all wrong. So you think 'oh thank goodness, someone who understands.' Only to leave the salon disappointed chanting "It will grow back."

Some hairstylists scoff at natural or alternative hair care, much like doctors they don't recognize alternative as effective. I think this is where I lost complete hope for Salons. One experience was about a year ago  I simply let her know that i don't use any product and therefor didn't want her to use any  [Shampoo, hair spray, smoothing serum, gel, mousse.] She was incredibly rude and told me I needed them and made off handed remarks for the remainder of the cut.

I have on many occasions asked for the beautician to suggest a style that my hair type might take well too [something a professional should have some ideas on] I`ve never really gotten an answer just confusion. I tried the whole variety, from $15 dollar cuts at family salons and chains to $170 cuts in Hollywood, pretty much with the same results.

#2 They make it easy to do yourself!

For around $25 online you can find all the pieces you need to do your own dos, and there are some great videos available for free on youtube.

Everything you need for $25

For example:
Super easy layered hair in one snip [by a professional for DIY]
Thinning your hair with a shaving razor
Cut your own reversible side bangs
Hack for long face framing layers and soft side bangs
Cut your own A-line
[if you are going for an A-line hair cut, I might suggest going to someone, but don`t expect much, i tried for over a year and 6 beauticians, they all told me different things about how the last person cut it wrong, and made excuses for why my hair didn't look like an A-line when they finished. ]

#3 Money Money Money

The National average for woman's haircuts is $44 [not to mention a 20% tip]. If you get a hair cut every 2 months, it cost $264; That's a one way ticket to Vegas from Alaska! Or a relaxing trip to the spa with the works! Get your hubby on board and trade salon hair cuts for a couples spa day.

Bonus Reason: The mirror in salons make you look way fatter than you did when you left home, so you are naturally more susceptible to there judgement, IE "Yes, Ma'am i will take all that expensive hair product" Jedi mind tricks...