Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why YOU Should be Eating Weeds. Nature`s Free nutrition

My mom told me this story [forgive me for its vagueness as I cant remember all the details] about a man in an impoverished area of Asia. He worked everyday as farm help and brought home greens that grew along the rice paddy and a few little crustaceans that were generally ignored as food. His children ate these in addition to a generally average diet in this area. Many children developed disease, sickness, and malnutrition while these children did not. The cause was found to be that these children ate regionally available ingredients that had nutrition the other children were missing. 

This year I had big plans for my garden. I was going to rock our freezer with goods and have perfectly timed lettuce, kale and Swiss chard growing for anytime I wanted a salad. Unfortunately I dropped the ball. But luckily for me i grew up in Alaska, the land of opportunity in every weed patch.

We went up to my Moms house in Willow for the 4th of July and I was very pleased to see the chickweed was growing strong. She doesn't plant it, she doesn't even want it, but it grows in abundance everywhere. 

Chickweed has a light earthy flavor and is pleasantly tender, well complimented with vinaigrette such as balsamic or raspberry. I greedily grabbed 3 large bags of it. Back home I picked young Dandelion and Fireweed leaves, The perfect green companion for my wild chickweed salad.

Dandelion and Fireweed blossoms make for a colorful garnish, in addition to my garden fresh green onions. I wish i`d had Pine-nuts and feta cheese, those would have been amazing on this.

I dressed the salad with Balsamic vinegar, vegetable oil, salt pepper and garlic powder. So yummy!

I once read that Weeds are natures band-aids, they grow in undesirable conditions in nutrient poor soil, often with little water. So many weeds are edible here in Alaska [and i`m sure the same can be said for everywhere] it`s amazing!

Whats edible around your house?

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