Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why being a Housewife in the 21st century is Not anti-feminist

When I meet new people they inevitably ask me what I do for a living. I feel a strange sensation wash over me, It must be a shade found somewhere between shame and excitement. I want to say that John Lennon was right and all you need is love, that I work on my families happiness and meet monthly quotas with an abundance of enthusiasm. But some reason I always puss out and say the same thing "*stammers pathetically* i`m just doing the stay at home thing..." 

WHAT?!!! why am I so ashamed of a decision that my household decided is appropriate for our own unique and individual situation. What do I care what this person thinks? I shouldn't care, I should tell her I don't believe in clocks, and time was created to keep me from expressing my true creativity. That I want to try pinhole art on banana peels this Wednesday.

I should say everything I don't say, when I meet new people. The sort of things that are the content of lists titled "Things that make you seem crazy to strangers"

What do I do for a living? Do the man hours I put in to keep my family eating healthy home cooked meals count? Is the answer in the money I save by cutting my own hair, or sewing much of my own clothing?Does it matter to this person that I treat my man great and do my best to keep him feeling special?No, I don't bring home the bacon. But I sure as hell find the best deal on bacon. 

For some, career oriented woman, this concept may seem bazaar. If you measure my worth by societies standard of success, I surely fail. Fortunately for me, my success isn't measured in awards or some sort of credit system.  

Why do I stay home? It isn't only to cook, clean, haul water, build, budget and garden. Although these are my main jobs, I also have the unique ability to have a completely adjustable schedule, which allows Justin and I to build a strong healthy relationship.

For example, Justin is off work this Friday, in the work force, I might be working on his extra day off. Instead I will be in my jammies, with my love, Binge watching #OITNB. My point being that we have so much more time to spend with each other than we used to; believe it or not, to us, that has value.

If we lived in an apartment and payed $1000 in rent, I would need a job without doubt. But we have this wonderful little pod we call our home that cushions our lifestyle and makes my career as house wife possible.

By being home to pay close attention to the budget, we have been able to accomplish a number of goals that before seemed impossible. Our credit is improving and we are finishing up the house.

Not working means giving up years in the workforce [as in a career gap on my resume] But it also means developing a whole new trust in the person I spend my life with. it says "I believe in our plans, and I believe in us."
None of this is to say that any other lifestyle choice is the wrong choice. It is just to say, we all have a choice.

Being a housewife in the 21st century is not Anti-feminist, it`s the opposite, its a choice, it`s Pro-Freedom.