Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tiny house Kitchen: 30 Day Make-Ahead meals part 4

Part 1
Part 2
I Finished my cook, and over all [divided between two days] it took roughly 13 hours to make 30 days worth of dinner, lunch and 20 breakfasts. I skipped the snacks. Justin will be eating his store bough granola bars and whats left of the frozen bagged fruit. I do plan to make some brownies for his snacking pleasure. For today, though, I am burnt out.

I have come a long way to get to this day. I buy chickens. I Cut them up and reach into their bums, to remove all their squishy bits.
For a girl who was a vegan for so many years, I sure have adapted to the butcher lifestyle with stride.

Yesterday I cut apart, de-boned, cooked and sorted 6 chickens. It really keeps getting easier for me. I used to think 4 was way too much to do in one day, now 6 is like my anti anxiety treatment. I just go inside my head, turn on a couple tunes and get to snipping and chopping and ripping and cracking.

I rubbed the breasts with oil and covered them while they cooked. All the chicken was coated liberally with pepper, salt, and garlic powder. I cooked the legs and wings uncovered. [I then removed the meat from the legs to use in my recipes] The wings were divided into two piles post cook and wrapped in foil, I love how easy wings are!
To make the Breakfast burritos, use the same portions listed above. The only differences are: use warmed Tortillas and fry the ingredients.

I was overambitious when i told myself i would make mini shepherds pies, But the loaded baked potatoes are a hit [and so freakin easy!] I don't mind that they aren't made with those special baking potatoes, these taste awesome!

I had planned bean and cheese burritos, but i neglected to soak the proper amount of beans. So i whipped these easy burrito fillings up [Kick`n Chick`n is a household classic, Just don`t tell Justin it`s cream cheese]

I love doing freeze ahead meals, but always forget a few things. If i had to give you one tip, it would be Stay Organized! Don`t Let yourself get overwhelmed, have a plan and execute it.

I made a variation of my Easy Egg Fried rice and pork,  But this time i baked all my cut up chops and added some bacon fat to the mix. Covered and cooked. YUM! this tastes so good, ready to be added to the rice! I did forget to cook and add the eggs, so i`ll do that when i serve this.

I want to add that I didn't precook any of the rice used for my freeze ahead meals. Rice is fine to be reheated once. but since Justin would be taking it to work as lunch, that would be a second reheat, I don`t want to put him in harms way. Here is a link explaining why i didn`t precook the rice.

Hearty pork and bean stew:
1 pork chop [chopped into cubes]
1.5 cups cooked beans
12 ounces canned tomatoes [chopped or squished]
2 slices bacon [chopped into small pieces]
3 cloves garlic
salt and pepper
1.5 cups Chicken stock
[I should add, this would be an awesome crock-pot recipe!]

This Red sauce with Basil recipe is easily tweaked for your own tastes.

I apologize to anyone,  following along with this, that picks up on some inconsistency. I am quite honestly exhausted from planning and cooking. and i can't put my brain into gear to type out every recipe i cooked. I started this series of the blog last week and got high centered by Justin`s health scare. Add to that the stress of planning a move and unexpected expenses. My cortisol levels are surely through the roof. I will be posting the rest of the recipes through the rest of the week [but Friday i am taking off with Justin, some TLC with my BFF]