Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why we are putting Tiny House Living on HOLD

Everyone has to make the decision of what is right for themselves. But sometimes what is right for you, is in doing what is right for the person you love. 

In mid-July Justin received a phone call from his little sister. Justin's dad has late stage 3 Metastasized lung cancer. We didn't even grasp what that meant right away. It was really very surreal.

Then it hit us, one big wave of realization after another.The final realizations being, we will have to pack up the house and put Tiny Living on hold for the time being. Justin has been away from home for quite a long time, and of course it is important that he gets to have some time with his dad.

We plan to move the house to my moms property in Willow, sometime before November. We need to move it before the roads freeze up. We have a non-refundable round trip bought and paid for to Pennsylvania set for October 24-31 [We bought these 2-3 days before finding out the news].

So now we juggle the pros and cons and options, to try and figure out how we are going to pull this off.

  • Should we move the house before our trip, find a couch to hop on for the remaining few days before we fly, and then just not use our return tickets?
  • Or should we look into renting a room for a few months after we pack up the house?
  • Should we sell the Jeep we are still paying off, in fear of a bad job market, is that the best idea?
  • There are so many things to consider and get done before this is all over.

But here is what is very cool:

If Justin and myself had a house with a mortgage we wouldn't have the same set of options as we have right now. We are so lucky to own our Tiny house on wheels and have the ability to pack up and take a break until the waters clear.

We are in no way done with our plans and aspirations involving our Tiny home. 

What will we do when we get down there? Jeeze! I am not entirely sure I can answer that with any certainty. We plan to of course help Justin's Family, I can take over some cooking if they want, we will both get a job to help with the big bills. 

But we also plan to fix up a food truck! Wouldn`t that be awesome! 

Please send positive vibes our way, and to Kevin Emery.