Friday, June 26, 2015

Tiny house Kitchen: 30 Day Make-Ahead meals part 2

Pt 2: 10 Weekend lunches and 20 grab & go breakfasts

When planning these meals, to keep the entire process simple, it is important that I try and use the same ingredients that we already have on our list. Remember when you plan yours, the idea is to cook this all in one day, so using the same ingredients for the most part will save you time prepping, money on shopping, energy on dishes and the overall cook will be much quicker. You can make so many different dishes with a very basic list of ingredients.

Lets recap on ingredients we already will be buying:

Chicken, pork, ground beef,
2 lbs beans, potatoes, tortillas,
pasta, rice, Corn, Carrots,
Canned Tomatoes, Garlic, Onions,
Frozen peas,
green onions,
eggs and bacon.

Addition ingredients: 

Cream cheese, sausage, English Muffins and broccoli.

I`ll need to buy another chicken to stuff the burritos and Shepard`s pie.

The breakfasts should be easy [to make, but also to eat] Justin`s work has a toaster oven, and a microwave, so when he gets there in the morning he can just pop these in and voila a nutritious light breakfast. [full recipes and directions to come in Pt.6]

These first three blogs [Pt1-Pt3] are to help demonstrate the planning process, not necessarily to be used as an exact template for your family. [Although if you like the recipes that's awesome too.] When you plan your trip to the grocery store, make sure you know what you are going for. Don`t expect to make good decisions without an idea or a plan. Planning is so important, without it, you will always be surprised by what you spend on your trip to the grocery. I have become so much more comfortable shopping for food now that i have a hang of how much my shop will cost.

It can be boring and sometimes confusing [even disheartening] But learning exactly how much your family consumes on average is essential to a successful meal plan. When i started trying to make meals for Justin and myself it was all wrong. My portions weren't on target, too big, too small. My meals were hit and miss.

I finally started to build up a list of meals that were smash hits in our house, and from there i was able to formulate money saving meal plans that have helped us conserve as much money as possible so we can put that into the house.

Stay tuned, 

Pt.3 on Monday with Pt.3: Preparing the menu for 20 snacks & The super saver shopping list.

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Pt.5: 20 grab & go breakfasts
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