Monday, June 29, 2015

Tiny house Kitchen: 30 Day Make-Ahead meals part 3

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Part 3: Snack and refreshments +The Super-savor shopping list
I completed my grocery shop yesterday, I was hoping to hit some good sales, but everything was pretty much standard price this time. Between Sams Club and Fred Meyers I managed to get everything I need and as I begin cooking I am relatively certain I will have extra meals to get us through for more than just one month.

Planning the snacks for Justin to take to work is pretty simple. I buy pre-made granola bars [for less than 25cents a bar, they are an easy way to add Yum to a bagged lunch.] I will be making brownies to alternate in, and Lemon-Ice-tea for a refreshing beverage.

As I mentioned before, I am pretty sure that I overbought by a bit [for example I have enough pasta to make 12 meals, and only 10 meals planned] [also i am positive i will have extra loaded baked potatoes, which is a happy day for me as I usually stick to a fried egg sandwich for lunch] So be sure to check in as I post, The final amount of meals will depend on how my cook goes.


3lbs Bacon $10.56
Pork Sausage $3.49
6 Chickens $47.91
Beef $6.79
Pork Chops $20.89

6 packs Tortillas $18.54

1 pack English Muffins $2.99
3 Boxes Farfalle $4.77
3 Boxes Penne $3.57

2 bags Russet Potato $7.98


2 Large Cans Corn $7.18
2 Large Cans Tomatoes $5.92
3lbs Carrots $3.08
24oz frozen peas $2.50
1 head celery $2.35
1 head broccoli $1.61
2 bunches green onions $1.98
4 onions $2.49
4 Garlic $1.50

Eggs $3.19
Cream Cheese $1.89
Tube Basil [3 bunches] $3.99
Granola Bars $7.18
Powdered Lemonade $7.48


Pantry basics on hand:
Cocoa Powder
Worcestershire sauce


2lbs cheese
Veg Oil
Salt & Pepper
2lbs dried pinto beans

This is what I planned for my family, but yours may be very different in taste preference and size. Be creative, explore the many uses of staple ingredients such as potatoes, rice, and corn.

When you plan your cook, remember that ideally this will all be done in 1-2 days!
Keep the ingredients simple, think bang for your buck, and versatility.

For example chicken gravy [made from drippings and homemade stock, costs almost literally nothing extra to make] Is the base to nearly all of my sauces. I make one large pot of it and then just slightly differ the flavor with seasonings, spices etc.

Recipes and cook techniques starting tomorrow and the following day or two.
No Blog Friday [Justin has off work, so I will also be taking the day].